The Secret of Success begins and ends with you
Written by Thomas Fisher on November 8th 2017
You may have heard it before. He had to "become" to person in order to achieve the lifestyle he now lives. Success is something you strive for and its a personal thing.

Your own level of success determines how far you get in life. Of course, there are many ways to be successful. One person may be very successful with phones sales. Another person may be successful with networking and lining up a buyer and a seller, acting as a broker in a business deal.

The reality is, you will need to master the concept of success and the specific principles to master your reality to leave behind the version of yourself that may have once been a victim of circumstance.

Skill sets like sales, marketing and advertising will help you master the art of success with business. However, without personal success you will lack in your own actions to sustain your gains of profit and material gain in the physical world.

Mastering your energetic frequency and space around you is the true secret of success. Your ability to control your destiny and shape upcoming events in your life is the true power that gives you the most ultimate power.

Self mastery should be your number one focus, however, in the world we live in, there are bills and responsibilities that get in the way. So the process of self mastery and personal success truly require a consistent effort in due season with your current life affairs and responsibilities.

This is an incremental process. It is the journey of life, not the destination in which we learn and grow and create the most memorable moments. Success is about achieving goals. Its about using the necessary tools, knowledge and wisdom necessary for mastery of your ability to create your reality.

Time management of working on improving yourself, while handling your current life, is the best way to manage yourself. To spend time evolving your energetic frequency, and then take a break to pick up the kids from school (if you have kids for example).

Personal success is a measure of internal consciousness development, and outer world skills needed for your craft or business or trade. I have been a student of success now since 1998. Reading 100's of books on self development, self help, metaphysics, quantum physics, and personal success.

I have extended my wisdom into a monthly group where I share some of the most powerful secrets of success. This is part of a business I created that teaches some outer world skills such as advertising, marketing and sales. You can learn more about this business at the end of this article.

What you become is based on you. Your beliefs determine what you experience. One person believes that $100,000 per month is a normal and acceptable income. While someone else could never imagine earning that kind of income. The separation of realities rests with the personal belief system of the individual.

Your daily routine must me mapped in successful activities if you wish to achieve a successful life. Every decision and action you take determines where you will wind up in your life. You are behind the drivers seat and in the end, you are given the power to choose what will happen with your life.

If you need help, reach out to mentors like myself. The reality is, every answer you need is available. You must seek to find, and ask to to receive the answer however.

Self confidence is another vital attribute of success. Your self concept or self image carries you to the top or keeps you at the bottom. You must build self confidence and believe that you can succeed if you really intend to succeed. Excuses are for losers.

To learn more about the Secret Success Group, and how you can access it for free under The Passive Income Club, look into joining the Passive Income Club:

I love to personally mentor people. In my book Pennies to Billions (available at I show anyone how they can start with nothing, and build a personal fortune 100% on their own. I would love the have the opportunity to help you achieve your financial goals, if you decide to work with me.

Either way, become a student of success, for the study of success truly is the power behind all high achievement.


Thomas Fisher

Thomas Fisher helps people start and grow successful Direct sales and Affiliate Marketing businesses.  He is an expert at helping people generate sales using online methods.
If you're interested in starting your own Direct Sales or Affiliate Marketing Business then definitely reach out to Thomas today!
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