3 Ways High Ticket Direct Sales Can Help You Achieve Financial Freedom
Written by Thomas Fisher on Oct. 18th 2017
What is High Ticket Direct Sales, You may ask?

A direct sales company is simply one which you can join and begin to generate sales and earn a commission. a High Ticket Direct Sales business is one where the buy-in or investment is $1000+ to start.

In this article I will cover 3 particular strategies you can use to realistically achieve financial freedom. This information is worth at least $50k as it is a direct path you can follow to achieve financial freedom.

Step one is simply to join a High Ticket Direct sales business opportunity. Once you are a member your next move is to set your goals. How much would you like to make. More importantly, how much would you need to make to accumulate savings or capital, and give yourself the ability to create more income outside of your business.

The plan is to maximize your skills and earning power within your direct sales business, giving you the ability to maximize your earnings. There are direct sales business owners that make 6 figures monthly, and some others that only make $1000 per month.

What separates these two business owners? One just simply knows how to apply leverage, and of course works harder then the one making less money.

Now let's look at an example which will help me to better explain step 2 to you. Let's say, for example, you have earned $300k in 18 months with your high ticket direct sales business. You can then take your "after tax" earnings and invest into something that will generate you a passive income.

This could be a real estate investment. The investment could be a business where you hire a manager to run and operate. Either one will be set up as a passive income operation for you.

Step Two, is to simply take your earnings from your high ticket business and moving them into the creation of a passive income.  Now in this process, the number one factor in achieving financial freedom is to have a primary income source that gives you the ability to build savings on top of your bills so you can then invest it.

The Bottom line is, High Ticket Direct sales allows you to make 5 figure sales which add up quick! If you look at any other business model, or a job they simply do not compare.

Average high ticket sale is $2000, which may only take a few days to achieve. A 40 hours work week making $50 per hour would match that, but that's only one sale! So for example, if your generating 2 sales per week or $4000 in profit, you would have to be paid $100 per hour at a job to match that type of commission!

So with a high ticket direct sales business, you are giving yourself the best opportunity possible to provide you with the profits needed to save money and then progress to step two with the investing into a passive income stream.

Now what is financial freedom? It's different to everyone! One person considers $1,000,000 in annual investment income to be financial freedom, where another person is alright with $100,000 annually coming in from their investments.

You will want to determine what financial freedom is to you. How much annual income will you need to achieve your desired lifestyle? Think about that, then come up with your targeted investment income goal.

Knowing what your financial freedom goal is, helps you to know what you will need to accomplish in step three.

Step three is to continue to earn and save money from your direct sales high ticket business, and continue to invest into more passive income streams. As you continue this process, you will eventually have accumulated the amount of passive investment income you need to accomplish your individual goal of financial freedom.

In conclusion, by simply following these 3 steps, specifically using the direct sales high ticket business model, you can see how you can realistically achieve financial freedom.

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Thomas Fisher

Thomas Fisher

Thomas Fisher helps people start and grow successful Direct sales and Affiliate Marketing businesses.  He is an expert at helping people generate sales using online methods.
If you're interested in starting your own Direct Sales or Affiliate Marketing Business then definitely reach out to Thomas today!  http://www.tsfisher.com
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